Thursday, 29 March 2012

urban study bentong pahang rev.4 (we in paris!) work work and work some more..(like I do the work all the time)..finally, its a proper vacation day in Bentong!..since previously its all about work, some of us make decision to spend some time at Bukit Tinggi..around rm50 from bentong bus station by taxi to the Colmar Tropicale.
but unfortunately, not the whole group planning to go there because some of the group member, planning to get proper rest since almost 7day of walking walking and walking through the whole town to get the data for this urban only 11 of us successfully went up..and hopefully these set of pictures can tell you the rest of the story..

p/s: this is the 4th part..if you miss the story,go back to the 1st part here.
tips: press F11 for maximum view..


  1. yeah!...mmg best pn!....aku tak sabar nk tengok lagi gambar2 jepun..woot2!


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