Thursday, 15 March 2012

urban study bentong pahang rev.1

Assalamualaikum..whew...just got back from what i called "study vacation" from Bentong..we required to do and urban study about the town and since no one in the group have experienced life in Bentong, the trip was full of surprises especially when rumors like "bird dropping is everywhere need to wear hat all the time!!!" or "its a Chinese town, hard to find Halal food" and etc..but then, when arriving there, it wasn't that bad..birds there were very bad at targeting my head..and Halal food?..there were medan selera Kampung Baru which have variety of lauk (but quite expensive) and there also mamak that open until after midnight waiting for customers..Bentong is a town located between valley on its every angle and that is something new for me..

this set of pictures will be uploaded in several phases to ensure you can enjoy as much as i do while taking all there pictures.

1st p/s: this is the first time i enjoying Karak Highway during a daylight..the scenery was AWESOME!..and during our way back to johor, i just wish the driver would stop somewhere for me to enjoy the views..

2nd p/s: the waterfall was SUPERB! is called as the CHAMANG WATERFALL..its beautiful, fun, and capable to KILL careless human..


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