Thursday, 29 March 2012

coming soon: we go JAPAN!!

urban study bentong pahang rev.4 (we in paris!) work work and work some more..(like I do the work all the time)..finally, its a proper vacation day in Bentong!..since previously its all about work, some of us make decision to spend some time at Bukit Tinggi..around rm50 from bentong bus station by taxi to the Colmar Tropicale.
but unfortunately, not the whole group planning to go there because some of the group member, planning to get proper rest since almost 7day of walking walking and walking through the whole town to get the data for this urban only 11 of us successfully went up..and hopefully these set of pictures can tell you the rest of the story..

p/s: this is the 4th part..if you miss the story,go back to the 1st part here.
tips: press F11 for maximum view..

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

urban study bentong pahang rev.3

Assalamualaikum..good day to you readers..since i just did something stupid which carelessly not saving the previous template when trying the new one,now i just end up with whole new template..and new header!...yippie!..

btw..let continue the series of this set,i included the pictures in the last phase of out visit in bentong..a short exploration in some kampung, going through some road we never know,a visit to the authority for some late brief about Bentong and finally a 3am in the morning of the preparation for the weekly market-day..we bought some flowers coming from cameron highland, its cheap and colorful.

for previous sets please don't mind click HERE and HERE..

urban study bentong pahang rev.2

Assalamualaikum..selamat pagi petang siang malam sejahtera or whatever you prefer..after 1 week coming back to UTM after a "wonderful vacation" at Bentong we finally finished our presentation..the presentation were very exciting, full of pressure, but eventually we manage to cross it..but here another set of picture that I manage to capture during the trip..

p/s: in case you miss the 1st part,click HERE.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

urban study bentong pahang rev.1

Assalamualaikum..whew...just got back from what i called "study vacation" from Bentong..we required to do and urban study about the town and since no one in the group have experienced life in Bentong, the trip was full of surprises especially when rumors like "bird dropping is everywhere need to wear hat all the time!!!" or "its a Chinese town, hard to find Halal food" and etc..but then, when arriving there, it wasn't that bad..birds there were very bad at targeting my head..and Halal food?..there were medan selera Kampung Baru which have variety of lauk (but quite expensive) and there also mamak that open until after midnight waiting for customers..Bentong is a town located between valley on its every angle and that is something new for me..

this set of pictures will be uploaded in several phases to ensure you can enjoy as much as i do while taking all there pictures.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life just wonder-pULL!

Hi...assalamualaikum and good evening!..
harini aku tak upload gambar bendang dh sbb stok dh hbis...hahaha...lain kali aku balik aku cari stok baru..kt bawah ni set2 gambar yang aku sempat amik masa kt rumah...guess what,aku tak yah p broga utk amik gambar lalang...LOL..lalang depan rumah aku pn dah cantik...hahaha..(tp aku tak pernah lagi sampai ke broga tu) 
Nak dicerikatakn sikit, aku dok kt rumah bukan p mana pn...dok jelah dalam rumah...tak tau nk p jalan satu petang tu mak aku suh aku p kluar jln-jln skit dari dok terperap ja dalam bilik tu..aku dengan berat hati p la bukak langkah nk kluar least kt depan rumah jelah main dgn kucing...tapi,tanpa disangka-sangka, smbil aku amik gambar kucing aku main kt padang depan rumah, baru aku terperasan lalang-lalang depan rumah aku tu cantik gila bila masuk waktu ckp tu antara golden hour untuk menikmati keindahan alam..lpas dh terpikat kt kaler lalang-lalang tu,tunggu padia lagi,amik la gambaq..

dan..kt bawah ni lah antara gambar-gambar yang lepas syarat kelayakkan untuk aku upload masuk blog..

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