Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Penang day trip! 2.0

okay, since the FIRST PART of the day trip wasn't filled up with plenty of pictures, so today I'm gonna put more of it for you guys to enjoy some of the place me and my family visit during the trip..

the first four pictures is taken somewhere at Kem Bina Negara..go google if you wanted to go there later..the white sandy beach waiting for you to step on them .need citation. the beach was very clean, maybe because not many visitor came before..but according to my uncle, it is not safe to swim because of the jello-fish in the water..so we just hang around do some fishing but no luck..

then, we move on to the World 1st Tropical Live Butterfly Sanctuary (go google again)..RM18 per person for adult if I'm not mistaken..and..walaaaaa!..



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